Triune Adult Learn the most effective ground fighting system in the world, while achieving incredible fitness and flexibility. Our academy focuses only on sound techniques as applicable to the streets as BJJ competition.

Women's Adult Classes

Triune Women Build stamina, core strength and flexibility while learning a self-defense curriculum that teaches females how to use leverage and timing to overcome bigger stronger opponents.

Women's Self Defense Instruction Our instructor Stan Kendrick has over 20 years of experience as a Correctional Peace Officer dealing with the most violent inmates. Glean insights on avoiding potentially dangerous situations by recognizing visual cues and how to tactically and strategically use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to overcome your opponent and increase your odds of survival when confronted by a dangerous situation.

Kids Classes

Triune Kids develop self-confidence, discipline, a positive attitude and respect. Each child is taught to recognize and develop their individual strengths on the mat while celebrating the strengths of others and learning and interacting as part of a loving team environment.

Private Sessions & Consultation Services Instructor Stan Kendrick has been providing expert tactical consultation, private instruction and seminars to law enforcement and executive protection agencies as well as private accounts for years. We can customize a curriculum based on your agency or individual needs.